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January 28, 2008



I'll slay all the "mute point" sayers if you agree to slay all the "irregardless" utterers.

Uncle Keith

I'd be happy to do it, because that pisses me off too!


Oh, I can't believe how much I'm laughing right now. You could go on I'm sure with others, like "for all intensive purposes" is really "for all intents and purposes.." though, I suppose MUTE gets your goat the most!



My two fav's are ... "Valentimes day"

and I am gonna have a "samwich"

hahahah Oh and then there is "Warshington DC"

all we can do is laugh at the educationally-challenged my dear. HEHE


I can't stand when people say "mute point" either. Someone close to me said this once, and every time they're around or we are talking about them, LP always somehow works "mute point" into our conversation.


How about "nuc-U-ler?"


i had a boss who always said pacific...when he meant specific..one new hire was hoping to get invited to the "pacific office" soon....


And let's not forget what Crash Davis once told Ebby "Nuke" Laloosh, "women get weary, they don't get wooly" - Christ I hate it when people get the lyrics wrong......


well, if we eradicate all of those folks, then there goes half of the voting public in the US... Hmmm... Seems you all got the worst offenders, but i don't like "first come first serve" - it's *served* boneheads!


Then there are those who write loose (instead of lose), allways, instead of/should of, etc.

I've never heard anyone say 'mute point', but if it really was then I guess I wouldn't have.

Great blog!


have been browsing through your earlier posts and found this gem.

would you like to wander over to the gimcrack again? I'm holding a small competition and this post makes me think you may like to enter

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